DAC Bioprocess Columns

Purification columns for clinical and commercial manufacturing

Bioprocess purification columns feature an elegant design characterized by simplicity and quality where any protein purification resin can be packed and unpacked in a rapid, reproducible manner. Our bioprocess columns are driven by dynamic axial compression in compliance with industry standards, dramatically reducing the volume of buffer required for column unpacking.

  • ・Pressure rating:
    5 – 6 bar
  • ・Scalability up to 2 m i.d.
  • ・Compatible with affinity, ion exchange, HIC, or size exclusion chromatography media
  • ・Save time by unpacking your column more quickly and with less buffer
Bioline™ preparative glass column Image

Whether your biopharmaceutical purification process involves a large or small column diameter, we can work together to design a customized column to maximize the yield of your target molecule.

Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC)

DAC refers to a column in which constant pressure is placed on a movable piston to facilitate high quality packing in minimal time. As a result, a consistent chromatographic bed can be maintained despite packing media shrinkage, swelling, or channeling. The optimized flow distribution enhances resolution.

Our columns accommodate the most rigid resins and include slurry inlet and outlet side ports which reduce packing/unpacking time and provide the user with the flexibility to operate the column within a "closed" system.

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