HPLC Systems

Purify small recombinant proteins, peptides, and small molecule APIs with a customizable LC system

Escalating solvent costs and non-reproducible gradients are common bottlenecks that occur during the purification of pharmaceutical compounds. Discover how to overcome these obstacles and save time using a customizable skid featuring accurate gradients and proprietary Adaptive PAT™ technology.

  • ・Drives down process costs and increases yields
  • ・Pressure Ratings:
    70 bar, 100 bar
  • ・Typical Column Pairing:
    5 cm – 100 cm or higher
  • ・Validated automation package
LC Systems Image

HPLC systems are the workhorse of preparative and commercial scale reverse phase purification

From a preparative scale through commercial production, we have over 15 years of experience in the design of scalable chromatography systems. Our goal is to provide you with a high quality, skid with customizable features where the unit arrives in your facility fully validated and cGMP compliant.

Reproducibly control gradients Image

Reproducibly control gradients

  • RP and IEX isocratic and gradient formation
  • Proprietary optical NIR sensors
  • Six-electrode conductivity sensors
  • Advanced control loop logic
Best fit for your process Image

Best fit for your process

  • Industrial and sanitary designs
  • Automated sample injection loops
  • Custom footprint and sizes
  • Intuitive software interface
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